Ryan Video Productions forming Hot Tub division

What does a Hot Tub have to do with video production?  Good question. The short and long of it is that we are starting a new division that will be acquiring a local hot tub repair business in Northern New Jersey.  For more information, we welcome you to visit Franklin Sporting Supply at www.jerseyhottubrepair.com
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Dental Marketing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Part 1.

I was at a charity dinner with one of the partners of a local dental practice and we got around to discussing sales and dental marketing.  He mentioned his frustration with the amount of money the practice was spending on promotion and the lack of return on investment it was receiving.  His practice adopted digital marketing strategies, including Facebook ads and Google Adwords, in 2008. However, the results were not as resounding as he thought...
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Webinar: Supercharge your Website’s Lead Generation Power

How much fun is it for you to make cold calls?   You know, going through a list of names of strangers, calling them up and asking them if they’d be interested in learning about your business.  Personally, I’d rather get a root canal than make cold calls. But there is a better way.  The solution to avoiding cold calls is to get prospective customers to call you – and the strategy for doing that is...
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Getting serious about Copyright

Think you can only get prosecuted for selling pirated copies of movies and books?  As I’ve written about in past articles, copyright infringement should be a real concern for companies that use the web. Do you think that you can sneak a few downloads here and there and nobody will be the wiser?  Here’s a news story from down – under that shows that companies are capable of stretching their legal arms across the globe to protect...
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Metadata and YouTube

Don’t know what metadata is?  Then this video is for you. Maybe you already made a video and posted it on YouTube.  After getting shares from your 100 Facebook friends, nobody else even knows this video exists.  Have you told Google and the other search engines about your video so they can share the word with the world? This short tutorial will give you an overview on how to set up your video’s metadata so search...
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