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Increase web traffic and generate leads with Content Marketing Videos

Content marketing videos (CMV) are short films that provide valuable information to your viewers.  Your prospects find the videos, usually through internet searches, when they are looking for information about a particular topic.

One of the biggest differences between a content marketing video and a “conventional” marketing video is that the typical marketing video is a sales pitch.  It tries to demonstrate a product or service to a prospect in the hope of generating a sale.  A “conventional” marketing video is often an extended advertisement.

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The purpose of the content marketing video is to make your viewer more intelligent by providing information without a sales pitch.  Content marketing is a strategy to deliver engaging, valuable information to buyers in the hope they will reward you with their business.   It establishes your company’s presence and expertise.

How many emails do you receive every day trying to sell you something?  How many do you read?  CMV is about having your expertise available on-line when a prospect decides they WANT to view it.

Why would you invest the time and money to create a content marketing video?  There are several good reasons:

  1. Because it’s valuable to a consumer, prospects are looking for your CMV.  Few people will search out your promotional video, hoping to be advertised to.  What do you think is going to get more search engine views?  A video about “Buying your first house” or a video about “Why I’m the best Realtor in town.”
  2. CMV’s are intrinsically social.  Information is valuable, and people like to share because it is helpful.  Often, people will bookmark a website that contains valuable information so they can return to view more.
  3. People don’t want to be sold to.  That’s why DVR’s are so popular for your home television – many people don’t want to watch the advertisements.  CVMs are not advertisements.
  4. The internet is interactive.  If you give someone a CMV on a topic they want to learn about, they will watch it.  If you give them a commercial about why your product or service is great, they can easily click away to watch something else.

Here’s how some companies are using content marketing videos in their marketing strategy:

  1. A law office specializing in “family practice” posts videos about “Is your spouse cheating on you?” and “Helping children deal with divorce.”
  2. A paint manufacturer posts videos demonstrating how to paint a room, stain a deck, refinish furniture and many other projects.
  3. A video production company posts videos showing you how to increase your video’s search results.  You can see that one here.

Would content marketing video be a good strategy for you?  There’s a good chance it would.  Use our contact form here or or call us at 973-625-5804 to discuss the possibilities.