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Dental Marketing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Part 1.

I was at a charity dinner with one of the partners of a local dental practice and we got around to discussing sales and dental marketing.  He mentioned his frustration with the amount of money the practice was spending on promotion and the lack of return on investment it was receiving.  His practice adopted digital marketing strategies, including Facebook ads and Google Adwords, in 2008. However, the results were not as resounding as he thought...
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Webinar: Supercharge your Website’s Lead Generation Power

How much fun is it for you to make cold calls?   You know, going through a list of names of strangers, calling them up and asking them if they’d be interested in learning about your business.  Personally, I’d rather get a root canal than make cold calls. But there is a better way.  The solution to avoiding cold calls is to get prospective customers to call you – and the strategy for doing that is...
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Not getting enough leads from your Marketing Video?

by David Felder Let me ask you a question:  if you made a video to put on your website and nobody watches it, what was the value of the video?  If you’ve been following my posts over the past year, you know that my company’s focus is on content. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about the type of content that successful marketer’s are using. Taking a step back from the entire concept of...
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Why testimonials don’t work

by David Felder In the last post, we talked about how video program length effects prospect engagement and the number of sales leads you might get from your video.  Maybe you’ve corrected some of those issues, or at least you’re aware of them. The next reason why your video might not be providing the in-bound leads you were hoping for has to do with the program’s content. “Classic” marketing, if you want to call it that,...
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Not getting enough leads from your YouTube videos?

by David Felder Why are you posting on YouTube?  To generate leads?  As a form of customer support?  To aid your sales process?  Or to show your friends how cute your cat is? Those are all valid uses for YouTube videos, but in this series of articles, we’re going to be focusing mainly on using YouTube (and other web video sites) for lead generation. There are a lot of things that could go wrong when you make and...
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