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Video mistakes you want to avoid

We have a lot of clients who film their own video footage and then bring it to us to complete. Sometimes, they film it at remote locations and just don’t have the budget to take a crew with them. Sometimes, they think they’re going to do the whole job themselves but run out of time and need help to complete the job. And sometimes, they just aren’t happy with the video footage they shot and...
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What does that video cost? Part two.

by David Felder This is part two of a post from earlier this month.  You can find part one by clicking here. Imagine that your car starts to make a funny noise.  You have several choices about how to deal with it. Ignore the sound. Go to a local repair shop that does repairs on all types of vehicles. Go to a car dealer who is expert on your make and model of car. I...
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About Copyrights

by David Felder If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to violate copyright laws to make their video, I’d be a rich man today.  Or I’d be in a federal penitentiary. The problem isn’t that the world’s full of criminals.  The problem is that many people don’t understand the laws. Basically, the idea behind copyright is that if somebody creates something, they are entitled to enjoy the financial benefits that their...
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