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Why testimonials don’t work

by David Felder In the last post, we talked about how video program length effects prospect engagement and the number of sales leads you might get from your video.  Maybe you’ve corrected some of those issues, or at least you’re aware of them. The next reason why your video might not be providing the in-bound leads you were hoping for has to do with the program’s content. “Classic” marketing, if you want to call it that,...
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Case Study: Creating the Ramsey Theater Kickstarter video

These days, Kickstarter.com has become pretty mainstream for crowd funding, but when we got involved with this project late last year, it was a little less well known. I received a call from someone who found our phone number on a Chamber of Commerce website.  “Do you make Kickstarter videos?” she asked. “We make lots of videos,” I responded.  “Is that good enough?” The caller was putting together a Kickstarter campaign to raise $125,000 to convert...
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Social media – the new SEO

I attended a great webinar last week, “Social Media – the New SEO”, sponsored by the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce, and presented by Jade Gunver of Promin Social Media,  who is one of the new generation of “Social Media Gurus.”  The thrust of the webinar was about how social media has become more valuable to businesses than the search engine optimization tricks we’ve been reading about for the past few years. Jade shared a slide...
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