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Webinar: Supercharge your Website’s Lead Generation Power

How much fun is it for you to make cold calls?   You know, going through a list of names of strangers, calling them up and asking them if they’d be interested in learning about your business.  Personally, I’d rather get a root canal than make cold calls. But there is a better way.  The solution to avoiding cold calls is to get prospective customers to call you – and the strategy for doing that is...
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Metadata and YouTube

Don’t know what metadata is?  Then this video is for you. Maybe you already made a video and posted it on YouTube.  After getting shares from your 100 Facebook friends, nobody else even knows this video exists.  Have you told Google and the other search engines about your video so they can share the word with the world? This short tutorial will give you an overview on how to set up your video’s metadata so search...
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Not getting enough leads from your Marketing Video?

by David Felder Let me ask you a question:  if you made a video to put on your website and nobody watches it, what was the value of the video?  If you’ve been following my posts over the past year, you know that my company’s focus is on content. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about the type of content that successful marketer’s are using. Taking a step back from the entire concept of...
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9 Steps for Content Marketing with Video (infographic)

So, you woke up this morning and decided you were going to make a video to promote your business.  Or, your boss told you that were were going to make a video to promote your business. Most people in your position will go through a 9 step process to get the project done.  Look underneath the Infographic for details about the nine steps and to sign up to receive a publication with more detail: Step 1 – Needs Assessment. ...
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4 Reasons your Business Shouldn’t use Video

Today’s guest article is courtesy of Michael Foucault of Foucault Design and Imaging.  Michael describes the four reasons your business doesn’t need to use web video: Keywords & phonebook ads work Bus ads are doing great You don’t need to connect with your customers Word of Mouth is getting you all the customers you need Read more on Michael’s blogpost at LinkedIn by clicking here.   Related posts: Why Testimonial videos don’t work I’m not getting...
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