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Dental marketing should increase earnings, not just advertisings costs.

Some practices are spending more on advertising without getting the full earnings benefits.

I was at a charity dinner with one of the partners of a local dental practice and we got around to discussing sales and dental marketing.  He mentioned his frustration with the amount of money the practice was spending on promotion and the lack of return on investment it was receiving.  His practice adopted digital marketing strategies, including Facebook ads and Google Adwords, in 2008. However, the results were not as resounding as he thought they would be.

“It seems like every time I open the newspaper, another dentist’s office is offering a free exam,” he told me. “On net, we’re keeping the same number of patients – maybe gaining a few over the year.  But it would be nice if we were getting more new patients, than just struggling to keep our practice at the same size.”

My friend had fallen into the same trap that many business owners find themselves in: they spend a fortune in advertising that only maintains the staus quo.  It’s almost like print advertising has transitioned completely to coupons and free offerings.  While free cleanings and reduced rates are great promotions to get people in the door, they don’t always create repeat and constant business.  With this information, how can dentists in northern New Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter, stand out in the crowd?  What does dental marketing need to do to  be unique?

One of the first things a dentist needs to do is look at what the competition is doing, then stop doing it.  After all, if your advertisements look the same as everyone else’s, why would a patient think you’re any different?  At that point, price is the only differentiating factor.

If your competition is doing it - your dental marketing needs to be doing something different.

If your competition is doing it – it’s time to stop!

We know there’s a better way.  Engaging, informative content is what today’s patients are looking for, not advertisements.  Smart dental marketing takes advantage of the way clients and patients use the internet, instead of holding onto the old techniques that don’t work.

This is where Ryan Video’s content marketing package comes into play. In this package, a full team of creative professionals is dedicated to delivering well-written and engaging content, effective social media management, and authoritative direct marketing videos. These methods are employed alongside more “traditional” mailer methods to ensure that all customers are being spoken to as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation.

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