Not getting enough leads from your YouTube videos?

by David Felder Why are you posting on YouTube?  To generate leads?  As a form of customer support?  To aid your sales process?  Or to show your friends how cute your cat is? Those are all valid uses for YouTube videos, but in this series of articles, we’re going to be focusing mainly on using YouTube (and other web video sites) for lead generation. There are a lot of things that could go wrong when you make and...
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Video mistakes you want to avoid

We have a lot of clients who film their own video footage and then bring it to us to complete. Sometimes, they film it at remote locations and just don’t have the budget to take a crew with them. Sometimes, they think they’re going to do the whole job themselves but run out of time and need help to complete the job. And sometimes, they just aren’t happy with the video footage they shot and...
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Why Content Marketing?

by David Felder If you haven’t heard it already, the buzzword for 2015 is “Content Marketing.”  However, Content Marketing is more than just a marketing phrase, it reflects a growing trend in advertising and lead generation. Until the rapid growth of the internet just a few years ago, consumers reacted well to the advertising model that was originally developed when television evolved in the 1950’s.  An advertiser created mini-movies talking about their products.  Sometimes funny, sometimes...
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How to get found on YouTube

Search engines don’t watch video, at least not yet. This short presentation provides an introduction to Google search. The 3-1/2 minute video teaches how metadata is used by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your video so your customers and prospects can find it. The lesson is directed at the business owner, marketing professionals and advertising specialists. The video explains how your title, description, tags (also known as keywords) and annotations can...
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PowerPoint for Video

by David Felder One of the most common tasks we face when working on Corporate videos is the need to incorporate PowerPoint slides into the videos.  It seems like a great idea:  the client, often taking advantage of their own graphics staff,  can make the video graphics and save a whole bunch of money. As a video production company, having to use PowerPoint slides restricts many options we could normally offer clients for animating graphics...
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